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Bryan's References


To Whom it May Concern,


Please accept this letter of reference on behalf of Bryan McConnell. I have known Bryan for over 15 years, as a colleague and a professional musician. As a strings musician and composer, Bryan is one of the most incredible talents that I know. I worked in the jazz radio and nightclub business in San Diego for 13 years, and I have heard many musicians perform in both the world of jazz and classical music. Bryan is an exceptional talent in both areas. His versatility, knowledge, ability to compose, work ethic, and passion for music are hard to find.


As a teaching colleague, it has always amazed me that someone as talented as Bryan has found a passion in teaching that is equal to performing. He has worked successfully with everyone from other professional musicians to adult amateurs to young students. Bryan is able to assess a student’s level and help the student reach his or her potential, while providing inspiration and support at every turn. Bryan has taught music professionals that I knew in radio and the jazz nightclub business before I met him, adult colleagues and friends of mine, former students of mine in elementary and middle school, and the children / grandchildren of friends. Simply put, everyone raves about what a knowledgeable, motivating, and fun teacher he is, all the while never compromising high standards for achievement.


I highly recommend Bryan for any teaching or performing position for which he may apply. Do not hesitate to contact me if you require further information.




Valerie Reeves

Teacher / Department Chair, Electives/Arts - SMMS




To Whom It May Concern,


As a teacher at Paloma Elementary School, I had the pleasure of working with McConnell’s Music for fifteen years.  Bryan McConnell, and his team, are amazing music teachers who created a phenomenal standards-based music program at our school.  


Bryan, and his company, offered after school classes for students who wanted to join a chorus, play a string instrument with an ensemble, or take private lessons in violin, viola, cello, bass, voice, piano and drums; all through their private music studio, McConnell's Music.  His company's after school music program was a sensational hit at our school for 6 years running, until Bryan moved to Asheville, NC.


The McConnell’s are quality human beings who bring integrity, professionalism, and a sense of humor to everything they do.  They make learning fun for the children, as well as for teachers and parents.  Bryan, and his team, were a vital asset to Paloma Elementary, and are sorely missed by all, since their move.


Without hesitation, I strongly recommend Bryan McConnell for any music position you may be considering.  Please don't hesitate to contact me, should you have any additional questions.




Paula Madson

National Board Certificated Teacher, Retired

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