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*created by Julie McConnell



Julie McConnell served as a K-6 music teacher for the San Marcos Unified School District in Southern California for 18 years, working with over 1000 students per year. 



She created her own standards-based music curriculum derived from the California State Standards, helping her schools win the "California Distinguished School" Status for several years.  Julie's curriculum consists of five main areas of study:



1. MUSIC HISTORY                     (Composer of the Month, collaborative writing assignment)


2. MUSIC THEORY                      (Music Symbol of the Week, reading music)


3. MUSIC APPRECIATION          (exposure to all types of western/world music)


4. APPLIED MUSIC                       (singing, percussion instruments, dance, acting, public speaking)


5. PERFORMANCE STUDIES      (3-7 major performances a year, 1-5 minor)



Each student experiences music through...



singing, movement, dance, games, instruments, story telling, music appreciation and performance



singing, movement, dance, games, instruments, story telling, composers, music appreciation and performance



singing, movement, instruments, story telling, music appreciation, composers, and performance



singing, music theory, instruments, orchestral structure, music appreciation, composers, and performance



singing, music theory, instruments, dance, orchestral structure, music analysis, music appreciation, composers, and performance



singing, music theory, instruments, composers, orchestral structure, music analysis, music appreciation, and performance



In addition, Julie created a system designed to teach students, young and old, how to read music in just 6 classes through the use of basic percussion instruments.  Her unique system prepares the student to launch into any instrument or musical pursuit.


Julie has trained other music teachers in her techniques (both curriculum and instruction) at the request of principals from other schools and districts. She was quite simply one of the most in-demand music teachers and conductors in the San Diego area until she moved to the Asheville, North Carolina area recently.  


Julie and her musician husband, Bryan McConnell, re-opened McConnell’s Music on February 1, 2016. They proudly continue to offer their high standard of musical excellence, both as performers and educators in the Asheville area.

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