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"Bryan McConnell is a bassist with ageless mastery of his instrument. He offers beautiful melodic lines and the supporting anchor to the trio."

~Stella Cheung Brandt, Associate Publisher/Editor for California Jazz Now Magazine



"Julie McConnell has one of those rare jazz voices that makes the listener want to hear more. Her voice is clear, sensual, and intimate. She can sing a lyric like few others, her voice always on key and emotionally perfect."

~Lee Prosser, Critic,



"Bassist Bryan McConnell is noted for his sensitive, imaginative, hornlike solos and is always a wise and logical choice in accompaniment!"

~Johnny Adams, Program/Music Director for KRML Jazz Radio, Carmel, CA



"Julie McConnell - The Southern-born singer possesses a supple and pure voice, and shows a willingness to take
chances by going after taxing melodies such as Harold Arlen's moody 'Ill Wind,' Lionel Bart's wistful 'Where Is Love?' as well as George Gershwin's challenging "Summertime." In addition, her reading of 'The Shadow of Your Smile' impresses."

 ~Cam Miller, Critic, North County Times, San Diego, CA


"Bryan McConnell, bassist, takes on the Herculean task of ryhthmic pulse, providing harmonic support and major soloist. He excels at all three duties, and most importantly, never seems to struggle with the responsibility or call attention to its difficulty or overcompensate. Don’t try that at home folks, this guy is a trained professional. He plays with a sure-footed strength and maturity that belie his relative youth. Bryan’s woody tone, deep and rich, support the vocals in contrapuntal fashion, like delicate beadwork, woven seamlessly."

~Bruce Forman, guitarist, Monterey, CA



"Julie McConnell is one of those rare singers who spans a huge musical spectrum. She goes from Cole Porter's 'I've Got You Under My Skin,' to the spiritual serenity of 'Amazing Grace,' and does so in perfect time, with perfect intonation. Stylistically, she's an original, and runs the gamut singing in the fashion of the great cabaret singers, as well as incorporating her jazz roots, without resorting to any gimmicks or vocal gymnastics. Very refreshing listening, indeed."

~Shep Meyers, pianist, San Diego, CA



"The very talented Bryan McConnell is one of San Diego County's busiest and best bassists...runs a crack trio...and provides a mile-wide comfort zone for the ensemble."

~Cam Miller, Critic, North County Times, San Diego, CA



"If you like a trained and crystal clear voice, interesting approaches to wonderful standards, and a relaxed approach to recording, you'll enjoy Julie McConnell's debut CD."

~Holly Hofmann, flutist, San Diego, CA


"Bassist Bryan McConnell is highly innovative, and a true master of his instrument."

~Lee Prosser, Critic,



"Julie McConnell gives character to every song, making each distinct from another. Also, the piano, bass and drums are superbly tight. This CD represents love. Love of the greatest songs ever written, and love for my friends Julie and Bryan, who put all this beautiful music together."

~Dale Gosa, bassist, Jacksonville, FL



"Julie McConnell has it all. She has beauty, a dazzling personality, AND SHE CAN SING. Her technique is direct and her intonation is impeccable. She sings all the songs in the right keys, without the interruptive influence of
improvisations. Her voice is very polished. She directs the movement of the group with her gentle but extremely melodic dynamic style. She could reach heights of such acclaim as Peggy Lee, Judy Garland, Natalie Cole and others."

~Ace Hill, pianist, Monterey, CA

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