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Letters of Recommendation - Parents

To Whom it May Concern,


I am writing this letter in recommendation of Julie McConnell as a music teacher.  I am the mother of 6 children, 5 of whom have had the opportunity of participating in Miss Julie’s music program at Paloma Elementary, San Marcos, CA.  From top to bottom I have been thoroughly impressed with Julie’s music curriculum, dedication to the students she teaches, and her professionalism.


Mrs. McConnell teaches a very thorough classroom curriculum which includes music theory, performance, music appreciation, and history.  My children, surprisingly, really enjoyed learning about composers and made real-world connections with the information they learned.  I teach my children piano, and I was always thrilled when I approached a new concept and they would   tell me Miss Julie already taught them that at school.  Her curriculum complies with California State Standards for music, which is a rare thing in the elementary schools today.


When it comes to performances, I can’t say enough positive things.  She keeps the performances brief, exactly 30 minutes, and the upper grade musicals/cantatas 45 minutes to an hour.  The audience numbers are always standing room only.  She includes a wide variety of music, and I have observed through the years that the music they sing gets progressively harder as the children get older, reflecting the consistent progress through the curriculum.


The love that Mrs. McConnell has for what she does truly came out for me when my daughter was participating in the after school chorus she offered through her private music studio.  Julie secretly planned for the parents to join the children in singing one of the numbers.  She went to great lengths to hold rehearsals just for the parents.  I could tell that she really loved the kids, and wanted to give them a great experience when she “revealed” her secret to them…she was beaming.  It was a well-orchestrated concert that my daughter and I will always remember.


We were sad to see Miss Julie move to North Carolina, and I would highly recommend her to anyone looking to add the magic of music to their educational experience.




Laura Seeman




Dear Prospective Employer,


I am writing to offer my strongest recommendation for Julie McConnell as a music educator.  I am writing as a parent of two children who have benefited from Julie’s phenomenal instructional ability at Paloma Elementary School in San Marcos, California, as well as in private music lessons. 


Both of my children have always spoken very highly of the music program in which she Tuaght at Paloma, and over the years I have often been pleasantly surprised in non-academic contexts by their knowledge of composers and their works – clearly knowledge that they learned from Julie, and that they found intriguing.  My daughter was involved with the McConnell All-Star Singers after school for several years – it was one of her absolute favorite activities!  During practices and performances, Julie was professional yet personable, firm with the students yet approachable and supportive, and always had the children deliver beautiful performances. 


Finally, both of my children took private piano lessons from Julie for four years – in her classroom, at our home and/or at Julie’s home music studio.  They both loved these lessons, and they made tremendous progress in learning how to play the piano.  Both of my children gave public performances in recitals, encouraged by Julie.  The lessons in our home gave me a chance to observe Julie’s teaching style, which is patient, firm, supportive and very effective.


In summary, I offer my absolutely highest recommendation for Julie McConnell.  She is an incredible teacher, a wonderful person, and would be a phenomenal addition to your teaching staff.  Please do not hesitate to contact me for additional information.




Raymond Clark

Parent and Professor of Physiology & Anatomy

Palomar College



To Whom It May Concern,



It is with great pleasure to recommend Julie McConnell as your next musical instructor/program.


Mrs. McConnell had been my daughters’ music teacher via Paloma Elementary School (San Marcos Unified School District) 2009-2013. In this time, she played a pivotal role in encouraging their love for music. My daughters can play at least one musical instrument, know basic music theory and some music history (famous composers), as well as music appreciation, all due to “Ms. Julie.”


My older daughter was also able to advance her musical skills through direct lessons with McConnell’s Music after school program. She was able to read music and play the violin after only 6 months of lessons. She even performed a solo piece during a youth orchestra performance, as well as performed for patients recovering at the local hospital.  


Speaking as a speech-language pathologist, I have witnessed music programs improve individual’s communication skills and overall quality of life. Music allows individuals of all abilities to feel empowered, and improve their critical thinking skills, verbal fluency and mathematical abilities.  And I believe that adding McConnell’s Music to any educational or rehabilitative program would add positive character traits, and a sense of achievement to all its participants.


I therefore highly acknowledge and endorse Julie McConnell.





Katrina T. Hammel, MS, CCC-SLP

Parent and Speech-Language Pathologist




To Whom It May Concern,


I found Julie McConnell and her expertise as a music teacher at Paloma Elementary School to be a positive and educational experience for my daughter, Olivia.


Mrs. McConnell introduced my daughter to composers. Learning about these composers contributed to my daughter’s knowledge of musical history. Through Julie's instruction Olivia was introduced to musical notes, beats, etc. and how to write and read these notations, as well as play them, both on percussion instruments and the violin. These skills I value as an important and necessary part of her well-rounded education.


In addition to teaching essential elements in my daughter's musical foundation, I found Julie to be very professional, and she also had a sincere care for the children she taught. Olivia said Julie would give the students praise when they accomplished musical growth.  I very often heard from my daughter how much she and her fellow classmates loved Mrs. McConnell, and could not wait to get to her weekly music class.


I find these qualities Julie McConnell possess: her kind disposition, teaching according to state standards, love of children, professionalism, and priceless in influencing my daughter.




Denise Netwig



To Whom It May Concern:


We were so sorry to see Julie leave us. She gave so much musical knowledge to our students, as well as encouraged them to love music and develop their talents. I am a musician myself, so I truly know the value of the high standard of education Julie gave to our students.


I overheard my daughter, Alyssa, one day telling a friend from a different school about her experience with “Miss Julie,” and how she taught her to understand music and read notes. She continued to tell her friend about how “Miss Julie” used a special system she developed to make it easy to remember the note names and their values.  She proceeded to teach her friend this very system with great success!


As Alyssa went on to band in middle school, she decided to take flute for the first time. While many other beginning students from other schools struggled, she picked it up quickly from the things she learned from Julie, like key signatures, timing, notes, and hearing the pitch. Part way through the year, in addition to taking 6th grade band, she was allowed to play with the 7th graders. Then in her 7th grade year, she was able to skip intermediate band, and jump up to advanced band with the 8th graders. 


Alyssa knew as early at 6th grade she wanted to be in the jazz band too. Flute is not a jazz band instrument at our middle school, so she borrowed a trumpet, learned it over the summer, and made it into the jazz band. Then in 8th grade she switched from trumpet to piano accompaniment. This was while continuing to play flute in the advanced band as their first chair.


Alyssa’s ability in music started with getting a solid foundation of music knowledge with Julie in elementary school. I remember her coming home from grade school with stories about the composers Julie had taught them about in class.  I was amazed at the ability to relay such detailed accounts of their lives, and excitement for the knowledge.


Thank you so much, Julie, for teaching Alyssa, and passing on the gift of excitement and love for music. I would highly recommend you to any school or music organization!




Wendy Combs




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